Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Group 2 Lighting Challenge

focal length-13.7--f/3.5--1/25--ISO200
Taken in Guam. I thought it was beautiful.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Point & Shoot Group-challenge 5

Challenge 5- Portraits of people. I hope this qualifies. This is my sexy hubby. I think it turned out great.

Point & Shoot Group-challenges 8-9

Challenge 8-Macro Photography. Photo taken in Yona, Guam @ my Inlaw's.

Challenge 9-Night Photography. Taken in Tumon Bay, Guam. Hand held, I don't remember the settings.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Point & shoot group-challenges 5-7

Challenge 5- Portraits of people Well I don't have any of these. And I don't want to get too behind, so no photo for this one :(

Challenge 6- Portrait of Pet/animals My cute Buster, love close ups of him. I know it's over exposed, that's what I get for shooting at noon! Harsh light. But he's still cute. My backyard, Iowa.

Challenge 7-Nature photos I love the ocean, I just don't like swimming in it, LOL. View from the Outrigger Hotel, Guam.

Thanks for looking.

Point & shoot group-challenges 1-4

Challenge 1 The photographers eye/composition. Photo taken in Yona, Guam

Challenge 2 Shutter Speed. Buster is starting to jump off the chair. Photo taken in my backyard, Iowa.

Challenge 3 Rule of 3rds. Photo taken at the Outrigger Hotel, Guam.

Challenge 4 Depth of field. Photo taken in Yona, Guam.