Thursday, July 31, 2008

Challenge 2

Style/Element: Close Up
1. Something Patriotic

Our summer wreath.

2. Water


3. Nature

Flowers on the side of our house.

Bonus: fireworks or sparklers

I had to work. So this is as good as I could get.


AgilityIG said...

excellent job! i love how you did the wreath - I was soooooo stuck on the patriotic stuff!

Carol said...

I didn't catch these before, so I'm glad I did this time. I have to say that purple flower is breathtaking. Love the others too, especially the wreath.

Michon said...

Amazing photos!

Sandie Dunn said...

Hi Tonya! What a great fireworks shot! Love it! And those flowers are gorgeous! I really like the white ones the most.

Jane said...

These are great!!!! love the patrotic shot...great vantage point there!!