Saturday, June 28, 2008

Challenge 1

Style/Element: composition - must make 2 completely different composites for each subject
Subjects -
My new favorite tea. Green tea.

My breakfast even has tea in it.


Buster's cute little feet.

Christian and I hanging out in the backyard.


Music notes. This was a hard one.

My sweetie playing for me.

TIP - not sure this is a tip. But I suggest playing with f stops. I love the different effects you can achieve with different settings.


AgilityIG said...

Wow - you did a GREAT job on the challenge!!!! I love them all!

Mel said...

Awesome! You did a great job!

Sandie Dunn said...

Hi Tonya! Great job! You have got to tell me how you did the first music one! That is so neat! I really like the puppy feet too. That photo has a great feel to it. And, your guy plays guitar too?! Yay! Mine too! I love that angle on that shot!

Chlemen said...

Great job with the challenges! Did you do "writing in the dark with a light" trick for the notes? I've been wanting to try that! Awesome job!

photo_chick said...

I like the point of view on the guitar shot.

Jane said...

all of these shots are just great!!! love the music shots and the dog paws!!! excellent job!!!!

Elizabeth said...

I love the first tea shot. The music photos are so cool. Love the angle of the guitar shot.

momof3girls2008 said...

Great photos! I love the music one! How on earth did you do that one? Great job!

Janice said...

great job, I like the way the two tea bags are peeking out by the cup, the relaxing feet, yours and the puppy's are wonderful shots, the music notes is amazing, my fav though is playing the guitar shot! The angle and point of view are perfect!

Ane said...

love the notes great job!